Daash AI

Providing an AI Solution to Discord Developers

Unlock the power of AI for your Discord communities with our cutting-edge Machine Learning AI! Our Anti-Spam and Raiding library will provide you with an intuitive platform and easy integration will make it simple for you to harness the power of AI for your server. Try it now and see the difference for yourself!

What is Daash AI?

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Daash AI was created with the intention to provide a solution to spam and raiding within Discord communities.

Instead of creating a bot and do what others already do, we want to take a different approach. We want to lavage the power of AI and bring a tool to developers so they can implement it into their solution. We know AI can be challenging and difficult for developers of all levels of experience.


Daash AI will simplify that and  give developers the ability to utilize AI without the training and repetitive task so they can focus on getting their bot to communities quicker!

We are in Phase 1 which is training mode. Phase 2 will implement the API services for developers to use in their bot(s). We plan on moving to Phase 2 when we get above an 85% success rate consistently. We don’t want to prematurely release and not have our service hold up to standards  

We don’t have a final pricing model set but our focus is to keep it low-cost for everyone to use the service. We will provide updates on pricing as we get closer to Phase 2.

We train the AI in two different ways:

  1. In House
  2. Discord Communities

In our “In House” training, we train the AI using sets of tools we developed to generate data that mimics discord environments (Messages, Users, Bots, Links, etc). This is great but not as affective as the second method.


We allow communities to download our Discord bot so we can train our AI from real data that communities see. This also allows us to enhance our AI by looking for patterns over Discord communities and prevent spam and raiding from spreading as they are detected.

We want to be transparent in how Daash AI works as that is a core value of ours

The information collected from Discord communities are mostly anonymous. What we mean by this is the Discord bot collects the following to train the AI:

  • Message Timestamp
  • Guild ID
  • Channel ID
  • Author ID
  • Message Content

None of those contain personal data. The bot and AI ONLY works off of those ID’s and message content provided. Sure, Discord’s API allows us to convert that into the community’s name and the Author’s username but that is not needed as our intent is to train the AI on patterns and behavior. Not gather information on users and communities.

Yes! We are putting the finishing touches on the bot. Join our Discord to be notified when it goes live!

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